Is the magic number of locations we proudly lease and operate. Higuchi Group is a leading specialty retailer serving the resort and casino industry. With a portfolio of 16 stores.

We are located in prestigious resorts and on the Las Vegas famous strip. Dedicated and focused on delivering unmatched standards of customer service, we have a solid reputation for providing value to our diverse client demographic for over 20 years. We also have a knack for hiring just the right people. Once hired, our employees tend to stay with our corporation for many years. 


Memories are timeless treasures of the heart!  Our goal is to help you hold on to those precious memories long after your visit to Las Vegas is over.  Our commitment to excellence is manifested through every retail store, and every piece of merchandise- may it be a fashion accessory, a souvenir to take home, or the delicious foods and deserts.  

Our products and services are as diverse as our family of employees and associates who come from all parts of the globe such as Brazil, Mexico, Srilanka, Japan, Ethiopia and Armenia just to name a few.  In a way they represent the very nature and complexity of Las Vegas itself.

Come and visit us today and let us provide you with the exceptional customer service we have shown so many others who have shared with us their special time in Las Vegas.    


Such an amazing experience at Gifts Plus! The customer service was unlike anything else on the strip. I'll be letting my friends know when they fly in and are looking for a place with quality goods and great prices!" Thanks Gifts Plus!

"Very knowledgeable when I asked for a certain style of mug. It was on sale and I ended up getting a few more things for the family back home" 

I'm used to having my Tasti d Lite in New York. It's so great that there are locations in Vegas! The flavor blew me away as usual"

- Marcy, New York, New York

- Charles, Richmond,  PA

- Amber, Cleveland Ohio

5151 PROCYON ST. LAS VEGAS, NV 89118 SUITE 108  


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5151 PROCYON ST. LAS VEGAS, NV. 89118. SUITE 108